Skyline Festival Invading Downtown Los Angeles Thursday

Skyline Festival Invading Downtown Los Angeles Thursday

Cerebral Hut by Juan Azulay and Benjamin Rice (MTTR MGMT)
Guvenc Ozel’s Cerebral Hut (Guvenc Ozel)

Some people say Los Angeles is run by the entertainment business, but starting this Thursday the city will belong to artists and architects. Well downtown will at least. As part of the first-ever Skyline Festival (February 13-22),  local designers will be mounting ten installations within a 10-block radius in the city center. The event is sponsored by LA-based LERATA, which stands for Laboratory for Experimentation and Research in Art, Technology, and Architecture.

Map of Skyline installations (LERATA) Liminoid Garden. (Filipa Valente)

As you wander around, you’ll be able to see architect Filipa Valente’s Liminoid Garden, a “bouquet” of mechanisms equipped with electronic controllers that receive readings of light, temperature and pollution and reinterpret them into movements and light changes located in the penthouse of the Cooper Design building. Another stop, inside the Palace Theater on Broadway, will be Guvenc Ozel’s Cerebral Hut, a wood frame truncated icosahedron covered in stretchy fabric and moving subtly with the help of plastic pistons.

Inside 724 South Spring Street (AN‘s new home), Behnaz Farahi will present Living Wall, a 3-D, interactive wall that can change shape in response to visitors. And inside the Alexandria Apartments on Spring Street you can visit Juan Azulay and Benjamin Rice’s The Passenger, described by the artists as a “celestially enabled interactive micro-planet that engages passing-by inhabitants through releasing its own moody mediated weather system for an experience of immersion and communication with a new planetary logic.” We never said the pieces wouldn’t be weird, did we?

Living Wall by Behnaz Farahi (Behnaz Farahi)