Product> Great Dividers: A Roundup of Operable Wall Systems

Product> Great Dividers: A Roundup of Operable Wall Systems

(Courtesy Modernus)

Moveable partitions give structure to open floor plans and adapt to shifting spatial needs. Defining diverse areas large and small, public and private, they have long been utilized in office settings, and are gaining popularity in residential loft developments. Fitted with clear or translucent panels of glass or resin, the walls transmit rather than block natural light.

(Courtesy PK-30)

PK-30 System

Folding walls, room fronts, and clerestory windows all utilize the same aluminum profile, thus achieving design continuity through several different architectural applications. Accepts panels in ¼-inch or ½-inch thickness.

(Courtesy Modernus)

Lama System

This partition system offers swing, sliding, and pocket door options, and can be configured for single- or double-glazed designs.

(Courtesy KI)

Genius Moveable Wall

Providing outstanding acoustic protection at 44-48 STC, these walls are available in solid, glass, and stick-built panels. The non-progressive design means changing a single frame doesn’t require dismantling an entire wall.

(Courtesy 3form)


Using an online design tool, patterns and colors can be etched or printed in varying scales and densities, lending both uniformity and diversity to the glass or resin panels.

(Courtesy Dom Interiors)


Horizontal aluminum crosspieces on both sides of these sliding doors sandwich one of 50 glass types available. Designed by Guiseppe Bavuso.

(Courtesy Raydoor)


Soft-close barn doors have a gasket edging where the panels meet in this corner installation, ensuring privacy. No floor track eases maintenance.

(Courtesy Inscape Solutions)


Merging transparency and minimalist lines, this movable wall system brings elegance to the interior.