Brooklyn's 56 Bogart is at the center of the New York City art world

Brooklyn's 56 Bogart is at the center of the New York City art world

Henry Khudyakov’s Environmental Motif, 1985-1994. (Courtesy Henry Khudyakov)


If the address 56 Bogart in Brooklyn means nothing to you then you’re missing the center of the art world in New York City in 2015. Forget about Chelsea and the Bowery, Bushwick and East Williamsburg are the most exciting exhibition outposts in the city and maybe in the country. It’s Soho 40 years ago as any Saturday afternoon stroll along Bogart Street will make clear with its cafes, bars, restaurants and working artists lofts on every block.

The 56 Bogart gallery Black and White, for example, was founded in New York in 2002. Its mandate is to cultivate “promising artists in the initial and more advanced phases of their careers.” The gallery started in an industrial ground-floor space in Brooklyn and from 2006 to 2010 had two locations—Williamsburg and Chelsea.

In 2010 the Chelsea gallery closed and not-for-profit Black & White Project Space was established in Brooklyn. Now after a two-year hiatus, the Project Space is at 56 Bogart Street and the first show in its new space, Henry Khudyakov Final Brain Storm, is a survey of the Russian-born, 85-year-old artist and poet’s nearly forty year career in the United States. That’s unique and ambitious for a small gallery like Black and White. The gallery is a perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon.