Product> Goodness Gracious, Great Walls Aspire: Top Facade Products

Product> Goodness Gracious, Great Walls Aspire: Top Facade Products

The defining aspect of every building—the facade—is where the artistic aspiration is most visible and where the performance factor is most vulnerable. These new cladding and construction products prove beauty is certainly more than skin deep.

Reveal Panel System
James Hardie

Developed specifically for multi-family, mixed-use, senior living, and light commercial facilities, these panels can be cut on-site to deliver an expressed joint look with deep shadow lines. Trims and fasteners can be field painted, or their metal finishes left exposed. The ventilated rainscreen assembly incorporates best practices for moisture management.

SolarTrac Reflectance Module

When added to SolarTrac software, the Reflectance Module calculates first-order reflections, and enables roller shades to be positioned accordingly on a zone-by-zone basis across a facade.

GreenScreen Wall Grid

Fabricated of recycled steel, this wall-mounted grid of powder-coated, welded wire forms a three-dimensional trellising system that creates a captive growing space for plants to flourish and intertwine. Standard panels measure 48-inches by 96-inches.

Optimo Smooth

This single-component insulated metal panel product offers faster on-site installation compared to built-up wall systems. It also delivers high-energy efficiency through superior air tightness, low thermal bridging, and a high R-value. Made with recaptured metals, the panels weigh three pounds per square foot. Available in multiple profiles, trim-less ends, finishes, and color options.

Outsulation Plus MD

This EIF cladding system provides a single source solution for air- and water-resistive barriers, exterior continuous insulation, and finish of the exterior wall. It can be applied to almost any kind of sheathing.

Knight Wall Systems

This new rain-screen framing system, designed for open-joint, exposed-fastener facades, creates the aesthetic illusion of depth in the joint itself. Designed with two wide anchoring surfaces, Reveal-Girt can accommodate two adjoining panel edges on one rail, which delivers both savings and efficiencies in labor and materials.