Product> Great Pavers for Plazas and Hardscapes

Product> Great Pavers for Plazas and Hardscapes

From courtyards to car parks, pedestrian streets to city plazas, pavers offer an aesthetic and durable alternative to ordinary asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Belpasso Paving Stones

Non-slip and stain-resistant, these contemporary pavers are suitable for high traffic areas when correct sizes and laying patterns are observed. In two colorways.


These interlocking concrete pavers can be laid in a 24-inch pattern either singularly or with additional sizes in a 3-inch ashlar format.


Measuring ¾-inch thick and 23 5/8-inch by 23 5/8-inch square, these porcelain pavers can be laid directly on sand, gravel, or grass beds, with no grouting or mortar needed.

Century Ceramica

LEED-eligible, this collection of digitally printed porcelain stoneware tile is frost- and chemical-resistant. In five sizes and four colors.

Pietra Dura

A limestone lookalike in low-maintenance porcelain, these large format tiles come in a palette of neutral hues and unpolished surfaces. Suitable for high-traffic use.

Woodland Pavers
Hanover Architectural Products

Produced with a defined wood grain finish, these pavers provide the look of traditional wood board decking with strength and durability of concrete pavers. Unlike wood, they won’t warp, splinter, or rot over time. Sized at 23 7/8” x 23 7/8”, the units are produced with scores to appear as four 6” x 24” boards.