Chicago Architecture Biennial adds 40 firms to inaugural festival's roster

Chicago Architecture Biennial adds 40 firms to inaugural festival's roster

School Lakefront Kiosk: THE CENT PAVILION by Pezo Von Ellrichshausen + College of Architecture, IIT. (Courtesy Pezo Von Ellrichshausen + College of Architecture, IIT)

The Chicago Architecture Biennial released a full list of participating designers today, bringing the total to more than 100 architects and artists from more than 30 countries.

Last week it was announced that “Chicago Horizon” by Ultramoderne won the Chicago Architecture Biennial’s Lakefront Kiosk Competition. (Ultramoderne)

Beginning October 3, the inaugural festival of architecture, art, and design is being billed as “the largest international survey of contemporary architecture in North America,” and if all goes well it is expected to become a regular occurrence.

In addition to big-name architects and artists like Bjarke Ingels, Iwan Baan, and Jeanne Gang, the biennial’s participants include young, ascending firms from several continents.

Details about the festival, however, have been closely guarded by its organizers and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has framed the festival as a continuation of the legacy left by the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

Here’s the full list of participants:

Al Borde (Quito, Ecuador)
all(zone) (Bangkok, Thailand)
Andreas Angelidakis (Athens, Greece)
Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation (Madrid, Spain; New York, United States)
Aranda\Lasch (Tucson and New York, United States)
Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu (Gent, Belgium)
Assemble (London, United Kingdom)
Atelier Bow-Wow (Tokyo, Japan)
Iwan Baan (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Baukuh (Milan, Italy)
Besler & Sons + ATLV (Los Angeles, United States)
Tatiana Bilbao S.C. (Mexico City, Mexico)
BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group (Copenhagen, Denmark; New York, United States)
Santiago Borja (Mexico City, Mexico)
David Brown with 3D Design Studio, Central Standard Office of Design, Ania Jaworska, Krueck+Sexton, Landon Bone Baker, Stanley Tigerman, Margaret McCurry, JGMA, JAHN (Chicago, United States)
Carlos Bunga (Barcelona, Spain)
Bureau Spectacular (Los Angeles, United States)
SOM + CAMESgibson (Chicago, United States)
Counterspace (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Csutoras & Liando (Jakarta, Indonesia; London, United Kingdom)
DAAR (Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency) (Beit Sahour, Palestinian Territories)
Design With Company (Chicago, United States)
Environmental Communications (Los Angeles, United States); Mark Wasiuta, Marcos Sanchez, Adam Bandler + GSAPP Exhibitions (New York, United States)
El Equipo de Mazzanti + Nicolas París (Bogota, Colombia)
Assaf Evron (Chicago, United States; Tel Aviv, Israel)
Fake Industries Architectural Agonism + University of Technology, Sydney (New York, United States; Sydney, Australia)
Fala Atelier (Porto, Portugal)
Ramak Fazel (Los Angeles, United States)
Frida Escobedo Taller de Arquitectura (Mexico City, Mexico)
Didier Faustino (Paris, France)
Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich (Zürich, Switzerland) + Self Assembly Lab, MIT (Cambridge, United States)
Nikolaus Hirsch/Michel Müller (Frankfurt, Germany) with David Adjaye (London, United Kingdom), Markus Binder (Stuttgart, Germany), Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieure (Frankfurt, Germany), Aroon Puritat & Chayanon Hansapinyo & Sumeth Klahan (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Tobias Rehberger (Frankfurt, Germany),Tomás Saraceno (Berlin, Germany), Superflex (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Hinterlands Urbanism and Landscape (Chicago, United States)
Moon Hoon (Seoul, Korea)
Independent Architecture (Denver, United States)+ Paul Preissner Architects(Chicago, United States)
John Ronan Architects (Chicago, United States)
Johnston Marklee (Los Angeles, United States)
junya.ishigami+associates (Tokyo, Japan)
Barbara Kasten (Chicago, United States)
Kéré Architecture (Berlin, Germany)
Kuehn Malvezzi (Berlin, Germany)+ Armin Linke (Milan, Italy; Berlin, Germany) +Marko Lulić (Vienna, Austria)
Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal + Frédéric Druot (Paris, France)
Yasmeen Lari + Heritage Foundation Pakistan (Karachi, Pakistan)
Lateral Office (Toronto, Canada)
LCLA Office (Cambridge, United States; Medellín, Colombia)
LIST (Paris, France)
MAIO (Barcelona, Spain)
Makeka Design Lab (Cape Town, South Africa)
Mass Studies (Seoul, Korea)
MOS Architects (New York, United States)
New-Territories / M4 (Paris, France; Bangkok, Thailand)
NLÉ (Lagos, Nigeria; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Noero Architects (Cape Town, South Africa)
Norman Kelley (Chicago and New York, United States)
OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen (Brussels, Belgium) + Bas Princen(Rotterdam, Netherlands)
onishimaki + hyakudayuki architects (Tokyo, Japan)
OPEN Architecture (Beijing, China) + Spirit of Space (Chicago, United States)
otherothers (Sydney, Australia)
P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S (Los Angeles, United States)
Michael Pecirno (London, United Kingdom)
Pedro&Juana (Mexico City, Mexico)
Pezo von Ellrichshausen (Concepción, Chile)
PIOVENEFABI (Milan, Italy)
Plan:b Arquitectos (Medellín, Colombia)
Point Supreme (Athens, Greece)
PORT Urbanism (Chicago, United States)
PRODUCTORA (Mexico City, Mexico)
RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Pedro Reyes (Mexico City, Mexico)
Bryony Roberts (Los Angeles, United States) + South Shore Drill Team (Chicago, United States)
RUA Arquitetos (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Rural Urban Framework (Hong Kong)
Tomás Saraceno (Berlin, Germany)
David Schalliol (Chicago, United States)
selgascano + helloeverything (Madrid, Spain)
Deane Simpson (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Sio2arch (Chicago, United States; Barcelona, Spain)
Smout Allen (London, United Kingdom) + Geoff Manaugh (New York, United States)
SO-IL (New York, United States)
Sou Fujimoto Architects (Tokyo, Japan)
Stefano Boeri Architetti (Milan, Italy)
Studio Albori (Milan, Italy)
Studio [D] Tale (Harare, Zimbabwe; Cape Town, South Africa; London, United Kingdom)
Studio Gang (Chicago, United States)
TOMA (Santiago, Chile)
UrbanLab (Chicago, United States)
URBZ (Mumbai, India)
Vo Trong Nghia Architects (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
WAI Architecture Think Tank (Beijing, China)
WEATHERS with AECOM (Chicago, United States)
Amanda Williams (Chicago, United States)
Wolff Architects (Cape Town, South Africa)
WORKac + Ant Farm (New York, United States)
Liam Young (London, United Kingdom)