Temporary Urbanized Campsite for Netherlands' Man-Made Island

Temporary Urbanized Campsite for Netherlands' Man-Made Island

(Courtesy Urban Campsite Amsterdam)
Solid Family by Boomhuttenfest. (Courtesy Urban Campsite Amsterdam)

On a man-made island in East Amsterdam, this isn’t your traditional campsite. The so-called Urban Campsite Amsterdam is an open-air exhibition that features 14 publicly accessible installations that can be booked for an evening under the stars. From trampoline roofs and hemispherical windows, each unique shelter is created by a wide array of designers, architects, and artists.

Carved from wood by Studio Pilots. (Courtesy Urban Campsite Amsterdam)

Pictured at top is an installation from social design project collective Treehouse Fest or Boomhuttenfest entitled Solid Family. This bone-shaped icosahedron, created by graphic designer Tobias Berg and furniture designer Sander Borsje, is made from recycled materials and is deceptive with its seemingly unaccommodating shape. Surprisingly, it houses 2 queen-sized beds and can lodge up to four people at a time.

Trampotent by Vince Vijsma. (Courtesy Urban Campsite Amsterdam)

From a four-person geo-structure to a two-person trampoline. Designer Vince Vijsma’ coined Trampotent for his trampoline/tent hybrid that allows for an entertaining fun house and an eclectic gathering space.

IBC Shrinkwrap House by Refunc. (Courtesy Urban Campsite Amsterdam)

Exploring the “flux of garbage and its recycling and utilization in architecture and design,” Refunc created IBC Shrinkwrap, housing a queen sized bed for two protected by, of course, shrinkwrap. Refunc believes that “creative reuse” is a better alternative to recycling and that there is potential in discarded materials to transform into something extraordinary.

Bedbug by Franka te Lintel Hekkert & Ronnie Kommene. (Courtesy Urban Campsite Amsterdam)

The concept behind the exhibit is to allow the public to interact with contemporary art and showcase its ability to transform a barren stretch of underused land into a common ground for tourists and locals. Urban Campsite also eliminates the barrier between a work of art and its audience through the participatory aspect of the campsite, thereby transcending the viewer-art piece relationship. So park the camper for the summer and crash in a spaceship for the night.

The installations are available to book through August 31st.