Product> Design for Wellness: New Healthcare Furnishings

Product> Design for Wellness: New Healthcare Furnishings

While technology heals the body in increasingly marvelous ways, healthcare interiors are taking a more holistic route, becoming more hospitality than hospital-like in their design and furnishings.

Trace Hip Chair

A flat seat pitch at a height of 21 ½ inches, coupled with a shallow, 16-inch seat depth, eases sit-to-stand motions. For patients who must keep their legs extended, a coordinating ottoman provides support. Offered in 22-inch and 30-inch seat widths, with metal or wood frames. A complete suite of complementary waiting chairs and occasional tables is available.


The writing surface of this signage system is bacteria-resistant and non-staining; sensitive patient information will never ghost on the ¼-inch PPG Starphire Tempered Safety Writing glass.

Ava Patient Recliner

Ava’s lean form is designed to operate easily even in smaller patient rooms, without compromising on comfort or the interior size of the seat. The wingback model provides a feeling of security, while a reverse recline and independent footrest controls increase comfort. Improved kinematics provide a back pivot location that more closely mimics the body’s movement. Caregivers appreciate features like pivoting arms, dual-sided controls, and oversized twin-wheel casters. Designed by David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5d Studio.

Soltíce Metal Collection

With its elevated seat heights and easy-to-grasp extended arm caps, this collection, which includes lounge seating, multiple seating (including guest and bariatric chairs), and patient seating, is focused on ease of ingress and egress. Designed by Paul James.

Solis Patient Seating

The seat and back of this chair have compound curvatures that support a healthy sitting posture, while facilitating easy ingress and egress. The ergonomically-designed back has a slight flexing action, which can be beneficial for patients who are seated for long periods of time. Solis features dual density foam that is soft on the outside for comfort, and dense on the inside for durability. Anti-microbial finishes are standard on wood and urethane arms and wood side rails.

Soothe Patient Recliner

Levers for back-tilt controls are under the armrest, making operation easier for both patient and caregiver. The chair back and footrest are designed to allow users to select from an infinite number of configurations.