Courtesy First Office

For AN’s third annual design awards, seven jurors gathered in New York to review nearly 500 projects submitted by architects and designers.

The jury included Amale Andraos, dean of Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation; Nicholas Koster, project manager at Snøhetta; Chee Perlman, editor and curator of Chee Company; Ana Garcia Puyol, computational designer at Thornton Tomasetti; Ali Tayar; founder of Parallel Design Partnership, Terence Riley, founding partner at Keenan/Riley, and Mimi Zeiger, AN’s west coast editor.

In each category, a winner and an honorable mention were selected, although there were a couple of ties. Over the coming days, we will be posting their selections in the 21 categories.

Best of Models Winner


Three Models and Three Movies
Architect: First Office
Location: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Ann Arbor, MI


First Office started working on the problem of models after they received an email from a colleague entitled “Modeling Questionnaire.” In it, Andrew Atwood and Anna Neimark were asked to consider several important distinctions in the kinds of objects that architects, produce: such as the distinction between a physical and a non-physical model, a physical model and an image of that model, an image of a model and a rendering of a model, a model as a false copy or as a true object, and a model as a simplification or an abstraction.



Honorable Mention

Courtesy The Living

Bjork, Museum of Modern Art
Architect: The Living
Location: New York