Product>First Impression Entryways

Product>First Impression Entryways

The entrance of any building is the first thing to be judged. These new options for large-scale doors make a positive statement when used in residential, commercial, or hospitality environments.
Slide & Seal Door System
Reveal Windows & Doors

For lightweight, completely concealable glass doors, the slide & seal system is a beautiful option that comes in a wide variety of options including wood species, glazing, track performance and hardware finishes. The doors are incredibly lightweight and even have the option to be fully automated with the touch of a button.

Vinyl Folding System
La Cantina Doors

Vinyl doors are a brand new offering from La Cantina, after noticing a gap in the market for residential offerings. The style is available in standard and custom door sizes up to eight feet tall and 18 inches wide in a wide range of popular configurations; available in white and tan.

Pattern Generator 

The Mosa pattern generator allows one to create one-of-a-kind patterns for tile applications suitable for floors, walls, or ceilings. Mosa has also developed a complete library with the same standard grids as the Pattern Generator. This library can be searched for the desired grid with the corresponding AutoCAD files. These can then be downloaded for 2D and 3D software.

Ultra Series
Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe has a large variety of options for creating custom doors and windows, all built to order, allowing for wide and tall sizes, unusual shapes, and endless finishes including rare wood species.


Suitable for commercial and custom residential interiors, Krownlab’s patented hubless sliding door hardware can support up to 400 pounds and is available in three different styles:  top mount, face mount, and glass mount—and can be used in a variety of door configurations.

Room Divider
Anyway Doors

The room divider can be installed without a built-in floor fixture, which allows doors to revolve 360 degrees, and feel incredibly light. The hignes are designed to be installed either on an offset or central axis. The doors also close completely soundlessly, as they have a patented locking technology integrated in the door as well as in the minimalist frame.