Jon Lott

Jon Lott

Haffenden House, Syracuse, NY.
Nathan Radar

La Casita, Syracuse, NY.
PARA Project

Collaborative models of practice serve as an important outlet for Lott to maintain the theoretical component integral to his work. Collective-LOK, a collaboration he cofounded in 2013, provides an additional mode of architectural exploration, complementing his work with PARA. Collective-LOK’s latest project, Heart of Hearts, the winning submission of a public art competition curated by the Center for Architecture, is currently on view in Times Square. The installation acts as a reflective alternative pavilion, dissolving boundaries between viewing and performing.

Crawford attic writing room, Syracuse, NY.

Since forming PARA, Lott has taken on a variety of projects ranging from residential and educational work to gallery spaces and master planning. One of PARA’s recent built works, Haffenden House, is a writing studio located in a suburb of Syracuse, New York. The house makes use of a translucent silicon impregnated fabric skin for a light-filled writing room and references Gianni Pettena’s 1972 Ice House as a void-like presence breaking up the repetitive image of the suburban house typology.


While PARA’s projects are guided by the specific needs and curiosities of a diverse clientele, the practice also strives to raise important disciplinary queries, taking interest in the advantage of the profession’s generalist position. “The work is a way to ask questions about what we’re doing rather than just purely serving a solution,” said Lott. “I think that the speculative quality is really key to the firm.”