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Good Vibrations

Product>Pump up the volume

Acoustic accents that not only lead to better sound quality, but also help to beautify a space.

Zintra Acoustic Solutions

The newest collection from MDC offers a variety of different acoustical options that range from a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.26to0.60, depending on the design. They offer a large selection of products run the gamut from wall panels to sculptural ceiling-hung structures that are available in a variety of colors and patterns. These allow designers to make them stand-out or fade into the background.

Gaia Acoustic Panel
Blå Station

Gaia (which means ‘nature’) is the newest sound-reduction paneling collection from Blå Station. The collection is divided into four pieces that represent the four elements (earth, fire, wind, water) which can be combined to create an array of different patterns. The Warm moulded Formfelt tiles are available in five colors.

Parentesit Freestanding

Arper’s Parentesit line has expanded to include freestanding models that can be used to create additional private work or meeting spaces in open layouts. The modular system can realize a range of compositions and is available in four options: two round panels of different size, one square panel, and one combination square and round panel.


BuzziLight is now available in two new laser-cut patterns—Alhambra and Royal, that resemble antique metal lanterns and cast really beautiful shadows and diffused light as well as reducing noise pollution.


The Planostile lay-in metal ceiling system now includes aluminum panels with a flush reveal profile that are easily installed and provide long-term and acoustical performance. The panels include painted, metallic, and wood-look finishes.