The next big thing: Emerging designers at Salone Satellite

The next big thing: Emerging designers at Salone Satellite

Perhaps one of the most interesting pavilions at Milan’s Salone del Mobile, Salone Satellite features top new and emerging designers from around the world. Whether it is a “magic” bookshelf, sustainably sourced alpaca furniture, or a light that syncs with your heartbeat, Satellite designers never fail to surprise and delight.

Fondue Light by Satsuki Ohata
Inspired by cheese (Ohata is a big fan of the stuff), the Fondue light contains a bulb that can be raised and lowered to create different levels of diffused or targeted light.

As If From Nowhere by Orla Reynolds
Irish designer Orla Reynolds created this modular bookcase for small spaces. A brightly colored table and four chairs tuck neatly among the shelves and can be pulled out as needed.

Kinetic BioLab by Scottie Chih-Chieh Huangkinetic from Architect’s Newspaper on Vimeo.

Kinetic BioLab by Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang
Part of the Taiwanese designer’s responsive, biologically-inspired work, this light syncs with your heartbeat when you touch it.

Allpaka by Sophia Clark, Galiatea
When Clark was traveling through Peru, she learned that although alpaca fur is one of the most luxurious materials in the world, the fibers are so short that cloth made with alpaca is often mixed with other materials—diminishing its quality. In her Allpaka line, the fur runs free with the softest, fluffiest furniture and pillows around. The alpaca hides used for the collection are sourced sustainably from animals that died of natural causes.

Sander Lorier, Studio Lorier
Lorier’s line of minimal, whimsical products seek to simplify and elevate everyday life. The designs are locally produced in the Netherlands from porcelain, copper, and wood.

Fungi Collection by Alcarol
At first glance Alcarol’s work may look like a standard glass and wood construction, but up close the resin and petrified wood is anything but. The wood is left raw, creating textural interest across the furniture’s surfaces.

Taac by Henry & Co.

Using 100 percent recycled, sustainable materials Henry & Co’s Taac module, half bathroom half kitchen is made from hemp, coconut, quartz, electric cables, bamboo, clay, limestone, and a radiating plate.