Hot stuff! Sauna located in a Finnish Burger King

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Hot stuff! Sauna located in a Finnish Burger King

Finland is well known for its saunas. In fact, such is the Finnish people’s obsession for sweating it out that they have a sauna in every one of their embassies across the globe. The sauna’s have even been dubbed as their “diplomatic secret weapon.”

In Helsinki, Finland’s capital, sauna’s appear to be becoming even more of a way of life, especially in the case of fast food restaurants. Designed by Fin Teuvo Loman—who is somewhat of a design celebrity in his homeland—a Burger King in Helsinki now has its very own sauna.

Complete with wash facilities, dressing rooms, and wooden benches in the company’s customary colors, visitors can enjoy their meal in the sauna located on the lower floor of the Mannerheimintie Burger King outlet.

Servers from the restaurant even visit the sauna to take orders; the sauna can accommodate up to 15 bathers. According to the outlet’s webpage, the venue is more suited to “private and business outings, birthdays and for watching major sporting events.”

Booking the sauna for three hours will set you back $285, though the price includes “exclusive” use of the sauna and lounge area, access to Burger King branded towels (for hire), cleaning services, seat covers, toiletries, and access to entertainment electronics. Bathers will also be given Burger King crowns to wear (though this isn’t a requirement, sadly) and have the option of eating in or outside the sauna.

In terms of the electronics, the sauna comes equipped with a 48” television, a nearby media lounge features stereo equipment and Playstation 4. A “premium” experience will grant bathers access to “royal” Burger King bathrobes. Tempted? Booking details can be found here.

The sauna isn’t just winning the hungry bathing public over either. This year, the sauna claimed third place in Euromonitor’s ‘2016 New Concepts in Foodservice Contest: Customization, Technology, and New Experiences,’ competition.

“The concept takes the idea of a unique dining experience to an extreme, offering both entertainment and functionality for Finnish consumers who see saunas as an integral part of their local culture,” commented Euromonitor food service analyst Elizabeth Friend.

“Saunas in Finland are taken frequently as social, health and wellness rituals, and it is not uncommon for friends and business associates to sauna together,” she added. “In this way, Burger King’s in-store sauna offers a powerful example of localisation, demonstrating an understanding of local preferences while also offering customers the novelty experience of a sauna alongside their Whopper and fries.”