The one online map for NYC's built environment, from zoning to water quality to capital projects

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The one online map for NYC's built environment, from zoning to water quality to capital projects

The full NYCityMap displaying the Additional Data list (Courtesy of the City of New York)

Maps of New York City are ubiquitous but one online interactive map of New York City offers multiple tools relevant to architects, designers, contractors, and gives Google Maps a run for their money.

The map, simply called NYCityMap, can be accessed through the official website of the City of New York in the “Map Gallery” found by scrolling to the bottom of the site homepage.

Like any map, NYCityMap displays the roadways, buildings, and parks throughout the area. To the left of the map, however, is a tab titled “Show Additional Data on Map.” When this tab is selected, it reveals a long list of data filters: Capital Projects, City Life, City Programs, Cultural Information, Education, Health Facilities, Landmark, Municipal Boundaries, Public Safety, Resident Services, Service Centers, Transportation, Water Quality, and Youth Services.

Within each category of filters are several subcategories. Capital Projects includes Capital Projects Dashboard, Design/Construction, Federal Stimulus, NYC DOT 10 year Capital Plan, and NYC DOT Protected Streets. When one of these filters is selected, the map reveals the location of currently approved capital projects throughout the city. Certain filters are not active until the user zooms in.

With the Design/Construction filter selected, orange lines and polygons are visible, indicating where a city project is. These type of projects range from roadwork and sidewalk repairs to energy efficiency retrofits and renovations. To access details about the project, simply click on a road or area highlighted in orange. A small white callout box should appear. If not, zoom in closer to the area and reselect the project.

A callout box for a project revealed using the Capital Project filter for Design/Construction (Courtesy of the City of New York)

The Transportation category includes a filter for parking, revealing the location of parking garages, parking lots, and combinations of the two. Under the category Water Quality, there is a filter for Best Usage Classification, which distinguishes what areas of the region’s bodies of water can be used for certain activities and functions.

The “Water Quality” filter indicates the use of areas of water in the region (Courtesy of the City of New York)

The map offers other features besides the data filters. Typing in an address into the search bar will not only show its location on the map but will also provide Additional Information about that specific address (e.g. owner, lot area, zoning, land use). Clicking Map Type in the top-right corner of the map will allow the user to select from historical Aerial Maps or the standard Street Map.

So what are you waiting for? Have at it!

A search result for AN’s office at 21 Murray Street shows detailed information about the address (Courtesy of the City of New York)