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We collected our absolute favorite furniture and accessories from in and around Salone del Mobile. Innovation and form combine to create pieces that we want right this instant.

Berluti x Ceccotti Collezion

Ren Valet Stand
Poltrona Frau

Designed by Neri & Hu, the collection takes its name from the shape of the Chinese ideogram ren, meaning “person” or “human being.” The pieces are comprised of similar elements, including Canaletto walnut, brass, and Cuoio Saddle leather, best displayed in this handsome valet stand.

Valet Collection by David Rockwell
Stellar Works

David Rockwell’s collection is meant to symbolize a new sector of furniture that supports everyday living, working, and entertaining. The valet itself creates an area of reprieve to transition from the busy outside world into a relaxed home. The leather bag holds two pairs of shoes, and there is a walnut shelf for personal items in addition to brass hardware.

Leather Longue chair LL04

A reimagined classic lounge chair that combines quality Italian leather with the Scandinavian functionality of designer and architect Maarten Van Severen. The stainless-steel structure is covered in either black or natural cowhide and finished with hand stitching.

Blå Station

Multicultural design collective OutofStock worked tirelessly with Blå Station’s owners-designers to create their second collaboration. The Åhus easy chair pays homage to the brand’s 30th anniversary by embodying the company’s values: Finding balance between modern and timeless.

Optical collection
Lee Broom

A simple, yet graphic lighting collection by Lee Broom is inspired by Op-Art and was displayed all over Milan in a transportable installation entitled “Salone del Automobile.” Although on the outside it looked like an unsuspecting gray delivery van, inside it was an ornately decorated rendition of an Italian palazzo.

Gemma Sofa

Daniel Libeskind expands his Gemma collection for Moroso with the Gemma sofa, which is an exercise in small-scale architecture. The incredibly plush upholstery contrasts with sharp asymmetrical lines, and the design is inspired by both a precious gemstone and by 15th century Italian tapestries.

Serif TV

At Superstudio Più in Via Tortona, Samsung and the Bouroullec brothers joined forces to create a new genre of television, designed with an artisanal spirit that considers technology and technical characteristics as well as the consumers’ lifestyle aesthetics and emotions. The result is a monochromatic frame and furniture element unlike any other on the market.

Terra System

Stone is one of earth’s oldest building materials. Architects designing tomorrow’s landmarks seek its timeless look, but the most desired limestones and sandstones can be porous and problematic over time. Mosa’s expertise in stone-look porcelain is unparalleled, because their technology draws from nature and each tile is unique. Discover the top 5 places where porcelain tile makes a better choice than natural stone.