Product>kitchen and bath products from Milan

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Product>kitchen and bath products from Milan

Kitchens at Salone del Mobile’s Eurocucina pavilion were geared toward communal spaces. Simple designs in luxe materials allow dining, entertaining, and cooking to easily take place in the same realm. This sleek, paired-down aesthetic also translated to bathrooms, where new technology is allowing for ever-shrinking lines.

Ki Collection

Oki Sato of Nendo created this minimalist kitchen and bath collection with the goal of reducing clutter and providing a relaxed environment. The design revolves around a container that will hide all of the excess objects in the space, which in the bathroom replaces traditional wall units and redefines the washbasin.

C-bonded Washbasin

A new technology that allows the washbasin to be connected almost seamlessly to the vanity unit. A super slim edge is all that remains. Not only does the c-bonded porcelain achieve a sleek aesthetic, DuraCeram is also incredibly wear-resistant.


The Leicht kitchen aims to blend the cooking and living space seamlessly with this newly-designed kitchen island that integrates a dining table to create a comfortable space for hosting with ease.

Genius Loci

The focus of this collection is customization and ease of use in the space. Modular drawer organization is functional and adapts to the daily use of each user. Additionally, the v-motion kit that just launched at EuroCucina opens and closes automatically with the touch of a hand.


The newest collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Ernestomeda is tailored to trendy, urban buyers. It is inspired by large workbenches found in industrial contexts, and features a lot of open space cabinets and framed doors with inset handles.

Axor Starck V

The goal of the transparent Phillipe Starck-designed fixture is to bring the vitality and emotionality of water to life. The mesmerizing display of the vortex in the nearly invisible mixer commands attention.


The Opera collection was recently honored with the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, and the newest iteration debuted at Milan. Cabinet doors are varnished in Metal Town aluminum and dry oakwood, and the open metal paneling is designed to be a home wine cellar.

Val SaphirKeramik

Konstantin Grcic created minimalist, angular pieces with Laufen’s innovative material SaphirKeramik, which allows for precise, thin walls. Grcic wanted the collection to be “simple, functional, more architectural, [and] not too expressive.”