Products that make living small easier for all

Small the Next Big Thing?

Products that make living small easier for all

Cities like New York and San Francisco may be big, but if you live there, your apartment probably won’t be described as such. Of course this isn’t news to you, but what might be are some of these beautiful products that can easily fit in your compact dwelling. You just may find that these space-economizing products can make even the smallest apartment feel spacious and look beautiful.


For all those inclined toward books, consider this hardcover that unfolds into a stool. Perfect for the unexpected guest at your dinner party and quite easy to carry on moving day.

Scott Jones Design

The Bloc-d-Sofa features modular cushions that can switch from a settee to a daybed and more. This brilliant design gives you more freedom with you space.

Wild Spirt

The Visa is a charming, compact little desk that seamlessly combines with it’s matching chair.

As If From Nowhere
Orla Reynolds Studio

These storage units don’t just store books and knickknacks; they are brilliantly designed to incorporate a set of chairs and a table. They can also be easily arranged in any fashion.

Stark 3

The Stark 3 collection at Duravit is perfect for any small bathroom. The Stark Compact toilet and washbasin are so tiny they might even free up enough space for a bathtub.

Tuck Bed Full
Casa Collection

When you think of Tucked beds, an image of 70s interiors with dingy shag carpets may come to mind, but that’s not impression you’d probably get from the Casa Collection’s space-saving solutions. They are beautifully designed and quite practical.

Smeg Fab 32

This is no minifridge. It’s complete with a wine cooler, and unlike most fridges on the market, its has the advantage of a small 24”-wide-footprint (not to mention its beautiful Italian design).