Celebrating American design on the 4th of July

Independence Day

Celebrating American design on the 4th of July

The fourth of July is a day to commemorate our independence and history of independent thinking, our American spirit if you will. Though it’s not common knowledge, design is actually a major part of this American history. Dating back to the nation’s founding, innovation and skill in furniture making helped create an American identity. Carpenters such as Benjamin Randolph and John Townsend pioneered the craft and created distinct American styles. In fact, Thomas Jefferson himself designed a swivel chair. It goes without saying that American design continues to thrive some 200 years later. So let’s take this time to once again appreciate America’s innovate craftsmanship and spirit. Featured are 13 great American manufactures that continue this American tradition.

Lindsey Adelman
BB.09.36 in brushed brass with grey globes

Room and Board
Hutton Sofa, Tulum Rug, Slim Bookcase


Robert Sukrachand
Gibbous Table


Sam Keene
Give Seat



Dunn Studio
Kingstown Stool


Rich Brilliant Willing
Cinema Chandelier


Handcrafted kitchen systems and solid wood furniture.


Box Furniture Co
Audio Rack and Devore Fidelity Speakers


CBR Studio
Lofbelli Table


Mark Jupiter
Xref Desk


Modern Floorlamp


Switch Table Stool


Quick Stand