Product>High-traffic flooring that is anything but boring

Do Tread on Me!

Product>High-traffic flooring that is anything but boring

If you think of beige, boring expanses when you think of flooring for high-traffic areas, then get ready to be surprised. This collection of carpet, vinyl, and other materials stands out even after being stood on by thousands.


These patterns from Mohawk can bring a touch of science fiction to any room. “Moonscapes” are a broadloom carpet that abstracts the landscape of the moon into a layerable and mind-bending design that can turn any room into a moonwalk.

Rocket Science

These carpet tiles from Bentley are available in straight lines or swirling geometric patterns. Used in combination, Rocket Science floors can create some seriously psychedelic shapes. Use Bentley’s COLORCAST to match color from any source and find the perfect shade.

2×4 for Tarkett

This design mashes together a vibrant hand-painted floral aesthetic with the abstract digital look of pixel art. Putting the two side by side is even more mesmerizing than seeing them individually.


Dekton large-formattile

Cosentino’s incredibly durable material, Dekton, previously for use in countertops, facades, and ventilated rainscreens is now available in large-format tile sizes. The performance of Dekton far exceeds standards set for porcelain, including the capability of withstanding approximately 3,700 pounds above the industry standard.


The double-layered porcelain of Formula is built to bear heavy use while staying stylish and looking clean. This product is offered in a range of seven colors, each of which is available in an unpolished or polished version and in one of three sizes.

J+J Flooring

J+J Flooring took inspiration from open spaces and cool desert nights for their Stellar pattern collection. These four patterns bring a Death Valley aesthetic to carpet tiles that combine to evoke a sea of sand dunes or a night sky.


“Lustre” is defined as the way light bounces off crystals and minerals, and as the name suggests, the Lustre patterns from 2tec2 seem to change with the viewing angle. Their sharp, asymmetrical geometry mimics the naturally occurring patterns of rocks and gems, as do the earthy colors.