Eleventh edition of SCI-Arc’s academic journal Offramp hits the internet


Eleventh edition of SCI-Arc’s academic journal Offramp hits the internet

Selection from Jennifer Bonner's featured essay, "Best Sandwiches." (Courtesy Jennifer Bonner/MALL)

The Southern California Institute for Architecture (SCI-Arc) released the eleventh edition of its yearly academic journal Offramp this week. This time, the journal pursues the theme of “Ground” and lists SCI-Arc director and CEO Hernan Diaz Alonso as Editor-In-Chief. In a brief for the issue, Alonso puts forth the following provocation: “Issue #11 of Offramp aims to momentarily divert our critical gaze away from the architectural object in order to reflect upon its other: the ground. In a world increasingly resistant to dichotomies between human activity and the natural environment, how should architects conceive of sites, territories, topographies and other manifestations of ground?”

National Center for Contemporary Art (Courtesy Tom Wiscombe Architecture).
National Center for Contemporary Art. (Courtesy Tom Wiscombe Architecture).

The online-only, submissions-based hodgepodge of neo-postmodern eye candy is made up of ten articles supported by heady text and flashy imagery.

The issue features an interview with Tom Wiscombe by Zachary Tate Porter, 2015-2016 Design Theory Fellow at SCI-Arc and founder of Office of Contingent Affairs, a thought-experiment of extruded sandwich-inspired buildings by Jennifer Bonner of MALL, a review of Jorge Otero-Pailos’s “Ethics of Dust” by Carolyn Strauss of Slow Research Lab, and a musing on color and background by Erin Besler and Ian Besler of Besler and Sons. The eleventh issue also hosts essays by Nora Wendl, Florencita Pita, Neyran Turan, Alexander Robinson, Stephen Nova, and Benjamin Flowers.

Selection from Neyran Turan's essay, "Long Span" Courtesy NEMESTUDIO
Selection from Neyran Turan’s essay, “Long Span.” (Courtesy NEMESTUDIO)

Current and past issues of Offramp can be accessed here.