High-performance glass with innovative technology

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High-performance glass with innovative technology

Thanks to new technological innovations, glass facades not only assist in LEED certification but also offer a wide range of variety, from glass panels to dynamic options.


With the ability to create up to three variable tint zones within a single pane, Lightzone controls sunlight to optimize daylight, maintain views, and prevent glare. It also provides a lot of design freedom for building envelopes because it is available in myriad geometric shapes, sizes, colors, and zoning patterns. It also reduces overall energy loads by up to 20 percent and peak energy demand by up to 26 percent.

Lamberts Glass

The first channel glass to receive bird-smart certification, Lamberts glass has been scientifically proven to be visible to birds. Not only is bird strike jarring to occupants, but it is also estimated that up to a billion birds a year are killed in the U.S. alone due to collisions with glass buildings.

Guardian Industries

CrystalBlue can be combined with many SunGuard low-E products to provide a range of energy performances along with high visible light transmission, now with a blue color. It is available coated and uncoated at 6 millimeter thickness in a variety of sizes.

Oversize Format Low-E Glass

As a pioneer for glass in oversize formats up to 10.5 by 49 feet, sedak’s new insulating glass line automates the production process completely, leading to high-quality fabrication that can easily be reproduced. Additionally, large scale translucent units can be printed fully covered with the roller coater technique or with a digital flat bed printer, allowing for complex, colorful designs.

Low-E Coated Acid-etched Glass
Walker Glass and PPG

PPG’s Solarban low-E glass is paired with Walker’s collection of acid-etched finishes, including bird-safe AviProtek glass, to expand the range of aesthetic and performance options available for energy efficient, environmentally progressive glass.

Innovative Glass Corp

A heat-blocking, self-tinting smart glass that darkens in response to solar heat gain to keep interiors cool, lowering energy usage and costs. The hotter the glass gets, the darker the glass will tint—it is 100 percent solar activated, requiring no power, wires, or user involvement.