Product>Window innovations for new and retrofit projects

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Product>Window innovations for new and retrofit projects

Windows for retrofit and new projects combine modern innovations in thermal technology, while remaining aesthetically and historically accurate.

Ultra Series Geometrics
Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe-crafted Ultra Series customized corner units, mulled and stacked rectangles, as well as triangles and trapezoids, interact with the alternating zones of opaque and light-filtering lattices to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. They are available in pine or other wild species on the interior, with extruded aluminum cladding on the exterior, as well as more than 35 exterior colors and more than 10 interior finish options.

Arcticfront Series 45X High Performance Storefront System
CRL-U.S. Aluminum

The ArcticFront Series 45X Storefront is a center-glazed system that features a 2-by-4 ½-inch thermal frame. It has been tested to the highest industry standards for thermal performance and air leakage per AAMA 1503/507 and ASTM E283. A key component is its dual polyurethane thermal break points that act as a superior thermal barrier.

Sound Transmission Control Glass Packages
Ply Gem

The asymmetrical laminated glass technology available on the 1500 Vinyl collection can reduce exterior noise by 43 percent, dampening loud outdoor sounds to a comfortable level.

8300 Series

This historically accurate window includes true divided lines and custom-machined grilles to achieve modern performance, while preserving the look of landmark buildings.

900RW ribbon window

A new addition to Tubelite’s Therml=Block line, the 900RW is designed for strip window applications in low- to mid-rise commercial buildings. It saves installation time and labor while meeting model energy codes and supporting LEED certification. It has been successfully tested per the National Fenestration Council, achieving a U-Factor of 0.30 for thermal transmittance.

Superior Windows & Doors

This Energy Star sustainable aluminum window system has a U-factor of 0.28 and offers maximum energy and cost efficiency, both during manufacturing and throughout the product’s entire life. Suitable for residential and commercial projects, the system has a very low air leakage value and is available in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and assemblies.

Heat Mirror Alpenglass

Heat Mirror suspended coated film, combined with high-performance low-E glass delivers, superior performance as a cutting-edge building shell solution for both commercial and residential window products—achieving up to R-20 performance values.

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