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Product>Acoustic Solutions

From baffles and upholstered room dividers to desk and lounge options that reduce noise pollution, new materials and styles eliminate office distractions in myriad creative ways.

Parentesit Wall Panels

These wall panels, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, are a simple and modern acoustic solution that doubles as minimalist wall art. The brand recently updated Parentesit by offering an optional bluetooth speaker to play music or take calls. The product now does double duty, controlling sound to quiet an area and providing ambiance with music or the perfect conference room tool. A new smartphone app allows for optimal control of sound settings; LED lighting is also an option.


Launched at Neocon this year, Buzziblinds are offered in dozens of color options and four new shapes that can be combined to create punchy accents to any room. The rotating blinds system can be opened or closed with a simple twist to define open-plan spaces, or provide privacy.


In today’s prevailing open office layout, privacy is a critical issue for those seeking personal space to concentrate and focus. Cap’s semi-enclosed upholstered shell reduces noise and blocks visual distractions. The workstation can also be outfitted with a power box, integrated lighting, and concealed wiring for electronic devices.


These new hanging screen options from Kirei can either be ceiling-suspended or wall or glass mounted. They offer a way to divide working spaces and absorb sound while still allowing light and air to flow freely. Plus, laser-cut designs add visual interest.


This semi-enclosed meeting space is ideal for small impromptu meetings or brainstorming sessions. The upholstered wall panels that surround this little lounge area cut out excess noise and provide employees a great space to concentrate.


Carnegie’s Reflectacoustic is a lightweight fabric that tackles not only acoustical issues at the window, but also acts as a solution to heat and glare problems. The innovation here is that despite being super sheer and light, the fabric has the technology and specialized yarn treatment to solve three issues in one.