Product>pavers and decks that create cohesive outdoor spaces

Shuffle The Deck

Product>pavers and decks that create cohesive outdoor spaces

New offerings in pavers and decks are increasingly decorative, so designers can create a flow between indoors and out with flooring that feels warm but acts tough.

Floor Gres

Walks ceramic tiles mimic the aesthetic properties of quartzite and are made of extra-thick ¾-inch porcelain stoneware, pressed at 882 pounds. The same pattern is available in 3/8– and ¼-inch thicknesses so that it can be applied indoors to create continuity.


The trio of colors in the Garden line—Belvedere, Arboretum, and Colonnade—take cues from Italian volcanic stone, porfido stone, and cobbled limestone. Each tile is treated with a Hydrotect coating, which has oxide-reducing, air-cleaning properties.

Permeable Pavers
Black Locust Lumber

Permeable pavers provide a level walking surface for outdoor areas while allowing stormwater to recharge the groundwater system. The pavers are locked in place on steel mesh with iron screws, and any filler, such as sand, soil, or stone, can be used to seal the ADA-compliant gaps.

Story T-20

Inspired by centuries-old recycled French stone, Story is available in four color options (gray, ivory, dark, and bronze) and can be laid in a number of ways, including on top of gravel, grass, and sand, traditionally glued or raised on top of polypropylene supports. Available in multiple trims.

Dekton Trilium

The very first color option from Dekton to use recycled materials, Trilium emulates industrial oxidized steel. Dekton is highly UV- and scratch-resistant, as well as resistant to stains, fire and heat, ice and thawing, and abrasion, making it an excellent product for high-traffic areas.


Available in five diverse neutrals, these large-size ceramic slabs (up to 94.5 by 47 inches) are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, creating a seamless look.


These .87-inch-thick, single-piece porcelain slabs come with an antislip surface finish and are available in a 24-by-24-inch format in eight new colors, all inspired by natural stones.

Plank Style Pavers
Tectura Designs

These hydraulically machine-pressed pavers provide the strength of concrete and the look of natural wood. They are available in all of Tectura’s color and finish options, and lengths and widths can be custom-made to fit individual projects.

Low-iron Glass

Pilkington Optiwhite™ is an extra-clear, low-iron float glass that is virtually colorless and has excellent light transmission, making it the ideal choice for applications where transparency and purity of color are desired.