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Pop, Lock, and Wrap It

Product> insulation and building wraps

Innovations in insulation and building wraps are cutting down on cost, installation time, and amounts of materials used, allowing more design freedom for architects.

HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket
Dow Corning

An ultrathin insulation allows for design flexibility and easy installation, while improving thermal resistance—especially in tight curves or nontraditionally shaped spaces. The blanket is made of a vapor-permeable solid material that delivers an R-value of 9.6. Additionally, it is fire-resistant, hydrophobic, and does not settle over time.

Drain-N-Dry Lath

This product incorporates three materials rolled into one: a fiberglass lath, a rain screen, and a secondary water-resistant barrier. The system comes on a 46-foot-long roll that allows for very easy installation. The fiberglass lath has a thicker weave every six inches that alerts installers as to where fasteners need to be placed. This three-in-one system also provides draining and drying and eliminates the need for a second weather barrier.

Heatlok High Lift Spray

New innovations allow up to four inches of foam insulation to be applied in one pass, making it easy to meet the high industry standards for insulation thickness. Heatlok is comprised of 22 percent renewable and recycled content, and can earn projects up to 10 LEED certification points.

FlatWrap UV Housewrap
Benjamin Obdyke

This updated water-resistive barrier has been specifically designed for projects that feature rain screens and incorporate open joint claddings. UV Housewrap has a tri-laminate design with superior UV resistance, as well as a vapor permeability of 35 perms. It is available in 500-square-foot rolls, allowing for one-person installation. Additionally, it does not require seams to be taped, and is virtually invisible in an open-wall assembly.

DensElement Barrier System

A new water-resistive and air-barrier (WRP-AB) system from Georgia-Pacific, DensElementsheathing, integrates the WRP-AB inside the gypsum’s core, eliminating the need for a second WRP-AB. PROSCO R-guard Fast Flash liquid flashing can be applied on or over joints, fasteners, and openings with no need to coat the entire outer surface.

LP FlameBlock
LP Building Products

In addition to being an ICC-certified component of fire-rated wall and roof-deck applications, LP FlameBlock offers architects design flexibility for wall openings. This sheathing has load and span capabilities superior to those of fire-retardant treated wood panels of the same thickness, and LP FlameBlock eliminates the need to install an external layer of gypsum, cutting labor and material costs.