Product>innovative building panels and roofs

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Product>innovative building panels and roofs

We’ve gathered roofing and building products that are cutting down on cost and increasing efficiency in myriad areas.

Levelline Outside 90

Levelline corner beads are less than half the weight of traditional metal and paper-metal drywall corner products—and without sharp edges, they allow for an easy, safe installation. The beads are incredibly durable, will not rust or hold a memory, and come in 8-, 9-, and 10-foot lengths, as well as custom sizes.

Green Span

The RidgeLine insulated metal roofing panel is a 23/8-inch-tall mechanically seamed panel that covers 42 inches with a variety of thickness options. The panels recently received a UL 580 Class 90 approval for wind uplift, making them incredibly secure and able to resist high-velocity winds.

Optimized Acoustics

Rockfon’s collection of baffles, islands, and ceiling panels are capable of achieving noise reduction coefficients as high as 0.95 while maintaining the design of a space. The panels come in a lightly textured white surface that allows design flexibility, in addition to being highly reflective to maximize daylighting.

Equinox Louvered Roof

Available for both residential and commercial projects, the Equinox roof system allows for continuous changes of the environment and can accommodate for weather and maximize daylighting. A solar-powered battery pack controls the fully automated system, which balances out the cost and environmental impact of running a motor. Additionally, the louvers are angled to direct rain into a built-in gutter system, drawing water away from anyone seated below. 

ThermalSafe panels

ThermalSafe panels are now available with a non-exposed fastening (NEF) that allows architects and designers to have a fire-resistant mineral wool panel with a flush appearance. The panels are attached using concealed clips and fasteners that create a seamless look.

Tin-plated Terne

Originally developed to withstand intense weather conditions in Switzerland and Austria, Roofinox’s tin-plated Terne is now the only tin-coated steel product available in the U.S. It is made of a base of either 439 or 316L stainless steel covered in 100-percent tin, which allows for exceptional solderability and malleability. Although it is resistant to corrosion, the product will patina to a matte gray finish. 

Create Beautiful Spaces With Mosa Tile

With inspiring versatility, Mosa collections fit perfectly into any space, creating an environment that is rich in detail and will stay fresh and intact for years to come.