Product>Innovations in HVAC systems

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Product>Innovations in HVAC systems

Intuitive heating, cooling, and pump systems allow for site-specific control and easy installation.

Android by Daniel Libeskind
Antrax IT

Daniel Libeskind devised not only an aesthetically appealing radiator, but also a sustainability-conscious one. In addition to its simple folds that emulate origami, Android is made of 100-percent recyclable material and requires very limited water content. The unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically, with an optional steel towel bar, and is available in over 200 color options.

VRP Heat Pump system

Using a variable-speed compressor, this system is much quieter than a standard unit as it does not need to fully shut off and on to regulate temperature. Additionally, onboard sensors that monitor compressor speeds offer exceptional humidity control.

Art Cool Gallery

A one-of-a-kind duct-free indoor model both heats and cools a space while remaining out of sight. The unit can service multizone systems, and is compatible with outdoor Multi F units to support eight spaces. Users can choose from a variety of images to frame, or add custom art and photographs.


The SCALA2 is an innovative water booster pump suitable for residential buildings with up to three floors and eight taps. There is a built-in sensor that continually monitors water pressure. If pressure drops below a desired level, the pump will kick into overdrive so water is never down to a trickle, all with a noise level as quiet as a dishwasher.

Heat-only Thermostat with Touchscreen

A new, sleek offering from Uponor streamlines the user experience of its typical thermostat, which controls residential hydronic radiant heating systems. The touchscreen system can control both an air sensor and a floor sensor to accurately monitor the temperature in individual spaces and automatically adjust. 

City Multi L-Generation Air-Source Outdoor Unit
Mitsubishi Electric

Thanks to HexiCoil, a new zinc-aluminum flat-tube heat exchanger developed by Mitsubishi, the L-Generation unit provides superior durability and water-shedding capabilities. Additional enhancements include a 30-percent-smaller footprint and improved vertical separation between indoor units, which allow for greater design flexibility.