Slajov Žižek and others to speak at SCI-Arc during Spring semester

Žižek v. Harman

Slajov Žižek and others to speak at SCI-Arc during Spring semester

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) has released a list of its featured public programs for the Spring 2017 semester that includes, among its events, a debate between controversial Slovenian philosopher Slajov Žižek and SCI-Arc Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Graham Harman.

SCI-Arc’s lecture series will be complemented by two exhibitions that will occur throughout the semester. The Duck and the Document, curated by Sylvia Lavin, will showcase a collection of architectural ephemera that includes handrails and facade panels salvaged from canonical buildings from the 20th century. Drawing Conclusions, curated by Jeffrey Kipnis and designed by Andrew Zago, will explore the year of 1990 as a potential “apex” for hand drawing as a representational, technical, and conceptual tool for architects.

The university’s public program for the semester will include the following events:

Didier Fiuza Faustino Lecture, 01/25/2017

Mat Olson Lecture, 02/01/2017

José Oubrerie: Chapel of the Mosquitos Library Gallery Exhibition Opening, 02/03/2017

José Oubrerie + Todd Gannon Duel + Duet, 02/06/2017  

Graham Harman + Slajov Žižek Duel + Duet, 03/01/2017

Peter Cook Lecture, 03/08/2017

Neil M. Denari Lecture, 03/15/2017

Jeffrey Schnapp Lecture, 03/20/2017

Drawing Conclusions Symposium + Exhibition Closing Reception, 03/24/2017

Sylvia Lavin Lecture, 03/29/2017

Jake Matatyaou + Amalia Ulman Lecture, 04/03/2017

Giancarlo Mazzanti Lecture, 04/05/2017

The Duck and the Document SCI-Arc Gallery Exhibition Opening Reception, 04/14/2017

Spring Show Exhibition Opening Reception, 04/29/2017

Maxi Spina: Thick SCI-Arc Gallery Exhibition Opening Reception, 06/16/2017

For more information on SCI-Arc’s events, see the SCI-Arc website.