Kailen Rosenberg, "Master Love and Life Architect"

Tunnel of Love

Kailen Rosenberg, "Master Love and Life Architect"

Kailen Rosenberg, "Master Love and Life Architect." (Courtesy Love Architecture)

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Architects are always trying to expand their sphere of influence and explore new territories for the application of architectural knowledge. Kailen Rosenberg is a “Love Architect” and her alternative practice is “an elite match-making and life design firm” with her “Love Architecture Programs” ranging from a $250 one-time assessment to a $100,000 elite representation. For the urbanists, Rosenberg has a hit TV show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called Lovetown, USA. When not helping Kailen make matches for her elite male clients, her husband Lance Rosenburg builds “dream homes” through his custom construction and modeling business.