Product>Dark kitchen and bath accents

Paint It Black

Product>Dark kitchen and bath accents

Stark white kitchen and baths are out; the new trend is heading toward a moodier palate.


This strikingly modern collection was created by Sieger Design and is intended to highlight the gentle spout of water that flows softly from the harsh edges of the Deque fixtures. 

Pearl Slate Finish
True Refrigeration

True Refrigeration’s full-size refrigerators are now available with color-finish options, the first of which is Pearl Slate. The subtle sparkle of the automotive-grade paint adds a bit of visual interest and offers designers variety in a product that is underrepresented in the market.

Bjhon 2 Sink

Originally conceived in 1970, this spherical basin is available in marble, stone, or Cristalplant biobased, which can be recycled and reused. The Bjohn 2 sink can be installed as either a freestanding column or mounted to a countertop.

Black Line Kitchen

This sophisticated kitchen system uses luxurious materials to create a stylish and functional space. Matte-black glass, smoked glass, and black handles give an elegant feel, while solid wood finished with natural oils retains its antibacterial properties and reduces household dust. Additionally, the wood regulates humidity and absorbs odors making it the perfect material for storing food.

Concetto Semi-Pro

A new limited edition collection that features velvety matte black silicone hoses for a sleek industrial design. Concetto also features SilkMove technology that allows for one-finger control of water temperature and volume.

Laser Cut Collection by Móz Designs

Solid-core aluminum panels featuring geometric cutouts illuminate spaces with refracting light and channel energy from the surrounding environment.