Storefront for Art and Architecture announces new fellowship and project to research architecture and global conflict

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Storefront for Art and Architecture announces new fellowship and project to research architecture and global conflict

(Courtesy Nahu Kubota)

Storefront for Art and Architecture, along with Preeti Sriratana of MN Architects, yesterday announced a one-year Program and Strategy Fellowship that will build to a new project, Architecture Conflicts, which seeks to explore the role of design and architecture in addressing global inequalities and conflicts.

“At a time when national and global political trends threaten the stability of our cities and communities, how can architecture serve as a driver of change around the world? The Architecture Conflicts project, along with this fellowship, seeks to create understandings of (and opportunities for) places and people who have been absent from historical and contemporary structures of power,” states a letter by Eva Franch i Gilabert of Storefront for Art and Architecture and Preeti Sriratana of MN Architects.

The project and the fellowship aims to provide a way for researchers and aspiring professionals from underrepresented backgrounds and communities to contribute to the resolution of global conflict through design. Candidates from those backgrounds will have the opportunity to work with a team from Storefront for Art and Architecture, to investigate the ways art, architecture, and design aid in the solution of local and global struggles. Strorefront’s curatorial team and its administrative and strategic development staff will mentor the fellow.

To receive the chance to be part of this team working for global change, applicants must meet various requirements including a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Design, Urban Planning or other affiliated fields along with a proven record of excellence in research and curatorial methods, and excellent ability to use Adobe Creative Suite.

The candidate who receives the fellowship and begins the Architecture Conflicts project will be responsible for curation and research, project management, and development and communications. If interested in applying, email a PDF document (maximum 5 MB) with a cover letter, resume, writing samples, and past design work to apply[at], with the subject line “Program and Strategy Fellow.” More information about the program, including application criteria can be found here.

Storefront works toward the advancement of contributions to the design of cities, territories, and public life, providing platforms for discussion about issues such as homelessness, gender identity, and public housing. The organization looks at global movements like the Gulf War and the Occupy Wall Street movement from a design perspective. The Architecture Conflicts, Program and Strategy Fellowship is also the beginning of a global biennial event, World Wide Storefront. World Wide Storefront will be a new platform to further these endeavors, exposing global conflicts, and create an understanding of how art and architecture can be used as tools for resolution.