Product>Smart building management and lighting systems

The Future is Now

Product>Smart building management and lighting systems

The Internet of Things is now the norm—these intelligent products assist in reducing cost and creating ideal environments.


Now that smart thermostats and music systems are commonplace, LumiFi brings custom lighting schemes to any space, programmed to know a user’s preferences. What used to require expensive hardwiring and complicated systems can now be easily controlled from a smart phone.

Ascent Building Management System

The Ascent system is the first of its kind to combine standard BACnet protocol with Tridium’s Niagara Framework. This advanced system allows for a variety of complex tasks to be controlled by users with an easy-to-understand interface. The open protocol allows for any combination of systems to be integrated, including HVAC, lighting, security, and fire safety.

Caséta Wireless System

Lutron has been making wireless products for over 25 years, and at CES it announced quite a few new additions to all their connected home devices, ranging from the easy-to-install Caséta, up to professional systems for larger projects. 

Smart Ventilation Management System

This intelligent system monitors indoor air quality (IAQ) 24 hours a day for small commercial buildings. It combines heat-recovery ventilation and monitoring services to control IAQ in real time while simultaneously reducing the HVAC system energy load.

Côr Wi-Fi Thermostat

Carrier has expanded its line of Côr thermostats to include wifi-enabled smart thermostats at every price point, allowing for energy and cost efficiency across myriad applications. As of CES 2017, Côr is now compatible with Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit, as well as others. 


Many of the systems out there are direct to consumers and homeowners, but LEDSENSE is the perfect solution not only for controlling lighting, but also for retrofitting HVAC controls. The system is completely intuitive and can sense when a room is hot, cool, or not being used, and adjust accordingly. Additionally, Ledsense can detect malodors and potentially dangerous carbon monoxide or smoke.