Curry Stone Design Prize announces March's round of Social Design Circle members

Tackling Inequality

Curry Stone Design Prize announces March's round of Social Design Circle members

In honor of the Curry Stone Design Prize‘s tenth anniversary, the nonprofit is honoring 100 notable social designers with a spot in their Social Design Circle. Each month, the Prize focuses on a specific social issue, recognizing several firms whose work directly addresses that topic. January asked if designers should be outlaws and February challenged the existence of a right to housing. For the month of the March, the Curry Stone Prize asked the question: Can design challenge inequality?

Eight groups are highlighted this month, including architecture firms, product designers, nonprofits, and more. These firms each address issues of inequality in unique ways, promoting community, leadership, and inclusiveness. Members of some of the teams will be featured on a weekly podcast, Social Design Insights, hosted by Eric Cesal, special projects director for the Curry Stone Design Prize, and Emiliano Gandolfi, director of the Curry Stone Design Prize. A new episode is released each Thursday, focusing on that month’s design challenge.

“We seek to increase the impact of these creative and constructive individuals by supporting them during their efforts to develop visionary approaches to achieve change,” said the Curry Stone Foundation (which supports the Prize) on its website.

Read on to learn more about the eight firms honored this month.

Active Social Architecture

Al Borde


Detroit Collaborative Design Center

El Equipo Mazzanti

Isla Urbana

Project H


Public Architecture

To find out more about past honorees you can visit the Curry Stone Design Prize’s website here.