Specsheet>Interior lighting trends


Specsheet>Interior lighting trends

When it comes to lighting, designers have been going to one of two extremes: graphic neon styles and natural lighting systems.


The ultimate in design flexibility, literally. Silicone foam tubing combined with LED-TL’s allow these snake-like fixtures to be strung around obstacles, piled on the floor, and go places ordinary lighting cannot. They are available in a clean white and three color options, and a simple magnetic system allows for Mono-Lights to be reconfigured easily.

CoeLux 45 HC

The CoeLux lighting system reproduces the effect of natural sunlight. Available in multiple configurations that mimic oversized skylights or windows, the integrated ceiling gives the perception of the sun shining. When standing underneath, you nearly expect an airplane to drift by.

Open Space
Morgane Tschiember for Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Morgane Tscheiember uses fluorescent blubs and polished concrete to create luminescent sculptures that change depending on the viewpoint. A lot of the designer’s previous works deal with questioning reality—here she tries to engage viewers in a cerebral experience by using bright colors and reflective surfaces.

Kajo Shelf
Elina Ulvio

Part of Elina Ulvio’s LSD collection, the inspiration behind Kajo Shelf is two-fold. For one, her background in architecture and curiosity about the subconscious informed the psychedelic effect—playing with shadow, color, and light. Ulvio also lives in Finland and is constantly designing with the dark winter months in mind. This shelf provides colorful mood lighting to bring joy year-round.

HealthE Series
Lighting Science

Lighting Science makes a range of bulbs for a variety of uses: Perfectly adjusted LED temperatures induce sleep, increase productivity, and create a general healthier living and working environment for all people.

Tetra Contour LS
Current by GE

Artist Pae White collaborated with Co Architects and SERA Architects on the Fauxcilitator, a lighting installation in the atrium of the Collaborative Life Sciences Building in Portland, Oregon. The design was inspired by two considerations of White’s: Portland receives only 68 days of sunshine in an average year and 53 percent of college students experience some form of depression (according to the American Psychological Association). Fauxcilitator acts as a giant Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp, by using Contour tubes that look neon but provide a spectrum of color temperatures that mimic artificial daylight.

A20 Ketra

Ketra’s proprietary system integrates a custom driver chip and LED module to allow the bulbs to automatically control the dynamic spectrum of light throughout the day, providing an environment of optimum health and improving users’ circadian rhythms.

Graphic Lamp

Available in an array of mix-and-match colors and fonts, the graphic lamp collection offers every letter of the alphabet, plus numbers and a few symbols. The designer of Portuguese company Delightfull is obsessed with American culture and wanted to recreate a bit of Americana.