Hyperloop One releases map of 11 semifinalist Hyperloops in U.S.


Hyperloop One releases map of 11 semifinalist Hyperloops in U.S.

Click on the thumbnail to see the map enlarged. (Courtesy Hyperloop One)

The second round of the Hyperloop Global Challenge concluded last Wednesday, and Hyperloop One has compiled a map of the 11 proposed Hyperloops in the United States to show us just how connected we could be.

The semifinalists’ proposals connect Las Vegas to Reno in 42 minutes and Denver to Boulder in five minutes, to name two examples. For those who don’t know, Hyperloop is a new kind of infrastructure currently in development that will “move people and things at airline speeds for the price of a bus ticket,” according to the Hyperloop One website.

Using electric motors and low-pressure tubes, Hyperloop One hopes to shoot you across the country in levitated pods. If you think this model strongly resembles the pneumatic tubes used at bank drive-thru’s to deposit checks, then you are not alone.

The hyperloop concept is efficient, environmentally friendly, and something out of your sci-fi dreams, but even more enticing is that it is actually happening. Hyperloop One has just completed installing a 500-meter-long prototype tube, called the DevLoop, on their property in the deserts of Las Vegas. It is the company’s first complete test track, but will not be the last.

In the coming months, Hyperloop One will conduct their first trials of the complete pod-in-tube system before moving on to build other test centers in countries around the world. They believe they can be moving cargo in completed Hyperloops by 2020 and moving passengers by 2021.

The Hyperloop Global Challenge will announce the teams moving on to the final round of competition in May. In the meantime, you can visit this poll to vote on which of the proposed routes will impact you the most.