+Pool gets a corporate sponsor and new website

Beer + Pool

+Pool gets a corporate sponsor and new website

+Pool gets a corporate sponsor and new website. Seen here: Rendering of the Pool located along the Brooklyn Waterfront. (Courtesy +Pool)

+Pool, the initiative launched in 2010 to install a public pool in the East River, is now sponsored by Heineken and recently launched a community involvement website to mark the partnership. Heineken has sponsored similar projects, like James Murphy’s Subway Symphony, through The Cities Project Initiative, a program which aims to bring positive change to urban environments around the world.

Despite a highly visible public profile, +Pool has been unable to meet its ambitious timeline, which promised a summer 2016 inauguration with a performance by Beyonce (!?). The organization also missed its much-anticipated deadline in 2013 to build a public mock-up pavilion, however was able to launch a test filtration apparatuses 2014 called Float Lab. The test was active for 6 months and provided critical data for the proper function of the system. This new partnership with Heineken may provide the jolt of activism needed to finally realize the project in full.