Architects Advocate publish open letter to congress following U.S. Paris Accord withdrawal

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Architects Advocate publish open letter to congress following U.S. Paris Accord withdrawal

Coinciding with President Trump’s announcement pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, Architects Advocate has released an open letter to the members of the House of Representatives. The letter acknowledges the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and encourages other members of the House to join. The letter also offers the expertise of the members of Architects Advocate in guiding sustainable community development.

Dear Members of the U.S. House of Representatives:

As members of the American design and construction industry, we are dedicated to tackling the challenging issues that threaten our planet by creating healthy, productive, and safe communities for all, today and in the future. We are on the front lines addressing climate change in a meaningful and impactful way, facing current issues such as energy efficiency, water conservation, sustainable land use, resiliency, and adaptive reuse. More can be and must be done.

We strongly support the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus and thank the following 40 representatives for their courage in working across party lines to find solutions to this urgent real-world challenge:

Mark Amodei, R, 2nd

New York:
John Faso, R, 19th
Peter King, R, 2nd
Tom Reed, R, 23rd
Elise Stefanik, R, 21st
Thomas Suozzi, D, 3rd
Claudia Tenney, R, 22nd
Lee Zeldin, R, 1st

Earl Blumenauer, D, 3rd
Suzanne Bonamici, D, 1st

Brendan Boyle, D, 13th
Ryan Costello, R, 6th
Brian Fitzpatrick, R, 8th
Patrick Meehan, R, 7th

Mia Love, R, 4th

Don Beyer, D, 8th

Peter Welch, D, at large

Dave Reichert, R, 8th

Mike Gallagher, R, 8th
Salud Carbajal, D, 24th
Eshoo, D, 18th
Darrell Issa, R, 49th
Alan Lowenthal, D, 47th
Jerry McNerney, D, 9th
Scott Peters, D, 52nd
Mike Thompson, D, 5th
Juan Vargas, D, 51st

Mike Coffman, R, 6th

Jim Himes, D, 4th

Charlie Crist, D, 13th
Carlos Curbelo, R, 26th
Ted Deutch, D, 22nd
Brian Mast, R, 18th
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R, 27th

Rodney Davis, R, 13th
Daniel Lipinski, D, 3rd

Seth Moulton, D, 6th

John Delaney, D, 6th

Don Bacon, R, 2nd

New Hampshire:
Annie Kuster, D, 2nd

We are reaching out to encourage the remaining 395 House members from across all 50 states to join the Caucus as well to help face this unprecedented common challenge. We are finding that the rule requiring new Caucus members to join in pairs of one Republican and one Democrat is welcomed in an overwhelmingly positive way by the American people.

Of course, we would be pleased to join you and lend our expertise as needed to help move our communities forward in a healthy and prosperous way.

Thank you and sincerely,

Architects Advocate

Within hours of publishing the letter Architects Advocate have received hundreds of signatures from architects endorsing the letter. Those interested in signing the letter can do so here.