Karim Rashid is DJ Kreemy now

Say What?

Karim Rashid is DJ Kreemy now

(Courtesy martinelli luce)

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Karim Rashid, one of the most famous designers in the world, got his start not in a world of colorful plastic blobs, but in the realm of engineering. After learning that the architecture program was full at Carleton University, he opted for a degree in industrial design and went on to create x-ray equipment for KAN Industrial Designers, mailboxes for the Canadian postal service, and power tools for Black & Decker. Rashid moved over to Nike, and some other, sexier places—creating the high-profile reputation he has today. Now the designer is reinventing himself in a new way, as a DJ with the moniker DJ Kreemy. He played a set during NYCxDESIGN this May at Industria Superstudio in collaboration with Martinelli Luce. Rashid plays the tunes you would expect: glimmering house music with colorful, slightly plastic-sounding synth riffs.