Specsheet> Flooring materials and designs

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Specsheet> Flooring materials and designs

From interactive video floors to traditional wood textures—choices for unique floorings abound.

PIXA Video Flooring
Sensitile Systems

The new PIXA video flooring essentially functions as a solid surface, creating a light-filtering screen whose “floating” surface comes to life with visual output created by light, shadow, movement, and color. It’s compatible with ambient light, spotlights, and backlights, and can also be coupled with individually controlled LEDs to create graphics and text.

Creation Clic Collection

This new collection can be laid with just a mallet or roller and offers easy application during renovations. The collection includes warm grays, concrete designs, distressed looks, and wider and longer planks. The collection requires minimal floor prep and can be installed faster than traditional laminate.

Coin-op + Endgame

The celebrated carpet manufacturer offers two new designs meant to feature durability and energizing aesthetic: Coin-op boasts abstract and glitch-like geometric patterning, and Endgame is a large-scale pattern which intensifies into a cloud-like repetition. Both can be paired, mixed and matched.

Kinetex: Put a Cork in It
J+J Flooring Group

Put a Cork in It is a 24- by 24-inch tile with multi-tonal cork-like flecks that appear through 16 colorways. Shifting, mottled specs of jade mix with streaks over neutral backgrounds, while cobalts interweave with rusty browns and varying tones of linen. Inky blacks can also be seen converging over smoky grays.

BioFelt Tile

This woven flooring, made with woven vinyl fabrics and bi-colored yarn, is flat and provides a surface which does not hide elements like dust mites and dirt. This contributes to LEED.

Natural Creations® Luxury Flooring with Diamond 10® Technology
Armstrong Flooring

The Natural Creations® Luxury Flooring with Diamond 10® Technology line offers an array of modular shapes and sizes. It boasts a scratch, stain, and scuff resistant luxury flooring aesthetically inspired by the look of natural wood.