Specsheet> Innovative speakers for any occasion

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Specsheet> Innovative speakers for any occasion

Find the speaker you need no matter where you are—the newest products on the market are designed to go indoors, outdoors, and on-the-go.

Concrete Audio F1 Speakers
Concrete Audio

According to the German company Concrete Audio, concrete’s heft and irregular structure make it the perfect material to produce crisp-sounding speakers. At 1.25-inches thick and weighing 26.4 pounds, each F1 panel is embedded with 41 mini-speakers that work together as a single sound source. When a panel isn’t in use, it can be reversed and used as an art piece.

Moonraker Sound System

The Moonraker Sound System design may look lunar, but this dual loudspeaker system is hand assembled in California from locally sourced components and sustainably harvested American hardwoods and reclaimed teak.

BeoLab 50
Bang & Olufsen

With its oak and aluminum surfaces and slender shape, BeoLab 50’s graceful appearance belies the serious technology beneath—seven dedicated amplifiers and 2,100 watts of power. The speaker also features an adjustable acoustic lens that allows the user to adjust the sound to one specific person or a party setting.

C SEED 125

Designed for outdoor use, the C SEED 125 speaker series rise from the ground with the touch of a button, protecting them when they are not in use. To offer the highest quality sound (125 references the system’s 125-decibel peak sound pressure) C SEED partnered with L-Acoustics and uses its coaxial technology.

Connected Speakers

Connected Speakers come in two sizes, Stammen (small) and Baggen (large), and six fabric colorways, making them the most millennial-friendly speaker of the bunch. They can be used as Bluetooth speakers to work with wifi devices like Chromecast and Spotify, or can be connected to a turntable via an AUX cable.

Porsche 911 Speakers
Porsche Design

If this glossy black speaker looks familiar, it may be because it is built from actual exhaust pipes used on the Porsche 911. The dual output, Bluetooth 4.0, 60-watt system is engineered for stereo output and connects wirelessly.