AN's top five picks for this week's news

Burning Man! Mini Trains!

AN's top five picks for this week's news

AN's top five picks for this week's news. Pictured here: A sculpture at Burning Man. (Brandon James Duncan/Image va Instagram)

Missed some of our articles, tweets, or Facebook posts from the last few days? Don’t sweat it—we’ve gathered the week’s must-read stories right here. Enjoy!

(Image collage by AN)

Gehry Partners to design Extreme Model Railroad Museum in Massachusetts
The firm is replacing Gluckman Tang as architects of the Extreme Model Railroad Museum and Contemporary Architecture Museum in North Adams, Massachusetts.

William Zeckendorf’s 1945 idea for a $3 Billion Manhattan and East River airport. This project can be found at the Never Built New York exhibition in Queens. (Metropolis Books)

What happened to speculation in architecture?
Architects are not really thinking about new ways of living and relating to the world outside of our own history and discourse. What happened?

(Brandon James Duncan/Image va Instagram)

Gorge yourself on Burning Man’s annual exhibition of weird and wonderful architecture
The Architect’s Newspaper takes a look at the best art and architecture at Burning Man. The 2017 edition of the desert gathering kicked off this week..

In 2011, IBM’s Watson supercomputer handily beat two human competitors. The machine proved very good at buzzing in quickly in addition to knowing the answers. (Atomic Taco/CourtesyWikimedia Commons)

Thanks to big data, all architects will face a major professional crossroads bigger than CAD or BIM
Should we architects cede our authority to algorithms, it’s likely we’ll lose all control and influence over the forces that reduce great design to mediocrity.

(Courtesy CMG, Michael Baker International via The Plain Dealer)

Irishtown Bend in Cleveland could be in line for a massive transformation
Cleveland non-profit LAND studio and CMG Landscape Architects are proposing radical changes to Irishtown Bend in Cleveland, Ohio.

(Courtesy Jenny Sabin Studio)

Jenny Sabin’s selling furniture from her MoMA PS1 installation
Well, we lied. There’s actually six top news items today, because we just couldn’t resist this: Jenny Sabin Studio’s “spool stools,” the seating for Sabin’s MoMA PS1’s Warm Up installation, are now available for purchase. Prices start at $150.