Wicker Park gets the gyro it deserves

Get to the Greek

Wicker Park gets the gyro it deserves

(Jacob Ahand)

At the ever-busy, ever-changing “Six Points” intersection in Wicker Park, Chicago, a new Greek restaurant in a highly finished setting is anything but your average gyro joint. DOX Quality Greek sets itself apart by serving Athenian street food prepared by a chef who has also worked at Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.

Designed by Athens-based k-studio, the furniture, fixtures, pay counter, and order windows all fit within a white three-dimensional tartan grid. The subdued material palette mixes wood slatting, white terrazzo flooring, white tiles, and dusty blue fabrics. Due to the constrained triangular block on which it sits, the restaurant is wider than it is deep—odd for most Chicago storefronts—allowing for a bright interior lit by a proportionally long glass facade. The simple interior matches the straightforward menu, inviting the throngs of pedestrians pouring out of a nearby L station to step into a little piece of Athens.

DOX Quality Greek
1566 North Damen Avenue
Tel: (872) 829-3144
Architects: K Studio