Specsheet >The next big names in furniture design

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Specsheet >The next big names in furniture design

Here is a selection of new furnishings by talented young designers, new collaborations, and mom-and-pop design studios.

Hurdle Family by Dowel Jones

 Young Melbourne design studio Dowel Jones makes furniture based on an interest in simplifying objects without compromising on aesthetic values. With this in mind, they strove to minimize materials and processes, working with manufacturers to develop sturdy yet beautiful everyday items. The Hurdle Family (shown above) includes stackable chairs, stools, and a bench.

Snake Screen by Grain Design

This large undulating screen is composed of solid wood posts with hand-cut hinges and bronze sheets (the blue hue is achieved through a custom patination process). Grain makes each screen to order and produces them in Bainbridge Island, Washington. The design practice is dedicated to social and environmental responsibility, uniting current manufacturing technologies and age-old craft techniques.

Twin Chairs Set by Eny Lee Parker
Based in Savannah, Georgia, Eny Lee Parker created this modern, refined pair of chairs outfitted with a single upholstered armrest. As part of a collection that explores the differences between sculpture and furniture, the Twin Chairs Set was made in two configurations (shown here with mirrored arm rests).

Shade Collection by Begüm Cana Özgür

The Shade collection is inspired by magical moments in nature, reflecting the complex, technical process of weaving. Design studio Begüm Cana Özgür designed Shade in 2015, but it wasn’t until May of the following year that Nani Marquina discovered the collection during WantedDesign in New York. Since then, the two have worked to edit the collection, improving the quality of the color gradient and the thickness of the rug.

Sunday Table by May Furniture

Inspired by Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute, the Sunday Table is made from compressed hardwood material, featuring subtle architectural details and proportions. The Brooklyn-based May Furniture’s designs are drawn from historical and modern architectural references, as well as personal experiences, combining utility with art.

Cylinder Back Arm Chair by WAKA WAKA

As a part of the WAKA WAKA seating series, Shin Okuda reworked familiar chair models to show the possibilities of exaggerated lines, volume, and functional needs. Rectangles and cylinders bring a 3-D element to the L.A.–based studio’s penchant for round details, which are always complemented by dowels and wood plugs.