2017 Best of Design Awards for Green – Residential

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2017 Best of Design Awards for Green – Residential

2017 Best of Design Awards for Green – Residential: Casa Querétaro

Architect: DesignBridge
Location: Chicago

Casa Querétaro is a multiple-unit affordable housing project located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. The building consists of 45 apartments and was certified LEED Platinum in 2017. Casa Querétaro resembles a structured ribbon organized to embrace a common court- yard, and each street frontage is uniquely addressed. Particular attention was paid to the building’s massing and materials; planar material changes and building volumes vary in scale from two to four stories to relate to the neighborhood’s preexisting housing structures. A single loaded corridor provides an acoustical buffer to the vast railroad right-of-way, defining the northwest boundary of the site while framing views out to the courtyard and connecting residents to the exterior property.

Landscape Architect:
Site Design Group

Maestros Ventures

Civil Engineering: 
2IM Group

LEED Consultant:

Structural Engineer:


Honorable Mention 

Project Name: Inhabit Solar Cabana
Architect: Inhabit Solar 
Location: Queens, New York

This row house rooftop installation demonstrates a scalable model for retrofitting residential buildings into energy-producing and -storing, water-harvesting oases. The prefabricated rooftop solar cabana merges renewable energy and real estate to facilitate decentralized energy production directly at the source. The cabana arrives as a flat-pack kit of parts designed for rapid assembly.