2017 Best of Design Awards for Lighting – Indoor

Light in the Tunnel

2017 Best of Design Awards for Lighting – Indoor

2017 Best of Design Awards for Lighting - Indoor. Second Avenue Subway, Domingo Gonzalez Associates (John Bartelstone)

2017 Best of Design Awards for Lighting – Indoor: Second Avenue Subway

Lighting Designer: Domingo Gonzalez Associates
Location: New York, New York

The opening of this subway line, promised since 1928, was critically important. The debut of four new stations involved an effort filled with numerous compliance challenges. To create a successful lighting strategy, the designers developed custom luminaires—from bare lamp uplights to structure-engaged lensed downlights and wallwashers—to work within an unyielding architectural module. Lighting in high spaces and over escalator wellways is maintainable by a specialized scaffold system proposed and tested by the lighting designers. The installation reminds passengers of the vision that realized this dynamic new line after so many years.

“The Second Avenue Subway is not a luxury project, but the design solutions are very effective and given the constraints and demands of the project, executed in a very effective and functional way that will make commuters undoubtedly happier.” -Matt Shaw, Senior Editor, Architect’s Newspaper (juror)

Lighting Design Contributors:
Domingo Gonzalez
Nancy Lok
Patrick Merosier
Rosemarie Seeland
Nelson Downend

Honorable Mention

Project: Body Factory
Architect: BFDO Architects
Location: New York, New York

Body Factory, BFDO Architects (Francis Dzikowski/OTTO)

Body Factory encompasses a dramatically lit retail space and softly illuminated private treatment rooms. The walls of the retail space are surfaced in gray parged concrete, indirectly lit from LED striplights placed in the gaps between the panels. Direct lighting in the treatment rooms comes from large, round LED lenses recessed into the dropped ceiling.