2017 Best of Design Awards for Unbuilt – Infrastructure

Regional Rails

2017 Best of Design Awards for Unbuilt – Infrastructure

The Regional Unified Network, ReThink Studio (Rethink Studio)

2017 Best of Design Award for Infrastructure: The Regional Unified Network

Designer: ReThinkStudio
Location: New York 

The Regional Unified Network (RUN) is a multistage proposal to unlock the full potential of the Tri-State area’s mass transit system by making a few crucial investments at key choke points. With the creation of new transit hubs and more useful service patterns, RUN will allow the region to develop as a connected whole rather than a series of parts. RUN repurposes existing infrastructure, reallocates or redirects proposed spending, and fits within the overall funding commitments already made. When fully built, RUN will enable travelers to get to any point in the region via mass transit, either directly or with seamless and easy connections just like London’s Crossrail or the Paris RER.

“The idea that this is a game changer for New York is obviously an understatement. This city needs bold and big ideas to wrestle with its failings in infrastructure.” —Nathaniel Stanton, principal, Craft Engineer Studio (juror)


Honorable Mention

Project: Houston-Galveston Area Protection System
Designer: Rogers Partners
Location: Galveston Bay, Texas

Houston-Galveston Area Protection System, Rogers Partners (Rogers Partners)

The Houston-Galveston Area Protection System (H-GAPS) is a regional surge protection system. The H-GAPS strategy involves multiple lines of defense, combining a coastal spine-type barrier system with an in-bay barrier system. Once complete, HGAPS will contribute 9,000 acres of publicly-accessible waterfront destination for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.