Artists explore the geometry of landscape at Front Room Gallery

Pattern Language

Artists explore the geometry of landscape at Front Room Gallery

Artists explore the geometry of landscapes at Front Room Gallery. (Zoe Wetherall/Image via Front Room Gallery)

New York’s Front Room Gallery is featuring nine artists who explore the patterns people inscribe onto landscapes.

Ross Racine Image via Front Room Gallery)

The group show, Pattern in Landscape, opens this Friday. It features Ross Racine‘s take on suburbia–serenely arranged, almost intestinal cul-de-sac spreads the artist creates through digital imaging and drawing. Photographer Phillip Buehler captures a military storage yard in Arizona filled with aircraft, a geometric image that would not be out of place on Things Organized Neatly.

Phillip Buehler (Phillip Buehler/Image via Front Room Gallery)

 Zoe Wetherall also looks to the desert—as well as architectural forms—to reveal the inherent geometry of nature in her images, pictured at top. Meanwhile, photographer Sasha Bezzubov looks to the north, chronicling the changing Arctic ice sheets, which are shaped and scarred by climate change.

(Sasha Bezzubov/Image via Front Room Gallery)

The opening reception is this Friday, January 26th, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Pattern in Landscape is on view at Front Room Gallery from January 26 to February 18, 2018. More information on the show and Front Room Gallery’s hours of operation can be found here.

“Italian Forest” (Stephen Mallon/Image via Front Room Gallery)