Five wallcoverings inspired by the natural world

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Five wallcoverings inspired by the natural world

Five wallcoverings inspired by the natural world. Pictured here: Mutina's oversized concrete collection by Patricia Orquiola, Déchirer XL (Courtesy Mutina).

These wall coverings conjure visions of fanciful landscapes, including neutral hues, florals, abstract organic forms, and materials that emulate naturally occurring aggregates.

(Courtesy Abstracta)


Inspired by how forms in nature change through shifting seasons, Swedish designer Stefan Borselius abstracted botany and devised floating, full-bloomed flowers. The hanging felt acoustic partitions diffuse distracting sounds and create dynamic visual spaces.

(Courtesy Maharam)
(Courtesy Maharam)

Albemarle by Paul Smith

This textile is inspired by the cast-iron facade of Paul Smith’s No. 9 Albemarle Street shop in London. The store, designed with 6a Architects, is an interpretation of Georgian architecture found in the city’s Mayfair district. The same motif of interlocking ellipses that wraps the storefront is etched in three color variations on tightly woven cotton.

(Courtesy Mutina)
(Courtesy Mutina)

Déchirer XL by Patricia Urquiola

Déchirer pairs the rough, tactile surface of concrete with the delicate patterns associated with ceramics. The new XL size combines textures from different materials, marrying porcelain and 80 percent recycled glass mosaic with the grout for the joints. The barely perceptible relief can be used in both floor and wall coverings and is available in three stone-hued colorways.

(Courtesy Maya Romanoff)

Twisted by Docey Lewis
Maya Romanoff

The illustrious weaver teamed up with the Chicago-based wallcovering manufacturer to design a wallpaper made from simple materials—in a pleasantly unexpected way. The wallcovering is composed of hand-painted paper stripes that are twined and then woven on a wooden loom. It is available in eight neutral colors.

Aimée Wilder

Finnish artist and filmmaker Paola Suhonen pressed wild mountain flowers in a book for an entire year. These colorful compositions were reworked from the pages into an anthology of 12 whimsical wallpapers.


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