Here is AN Interior's first ever list of top 50 interior architects and designers

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Here is AN Interior's first ever list of top 50 interior architects and designers

Here is AN Interior's first ever list of top 50 interior architects. Township of Parts, Venice (Iwan Baan/Bureau Spectacular).

Welcome to AN Interior‘s inaugural top 50 interior architect and designer list, featuring emerging and established firms across the U.S. While these architects’ and designers’ talents certainly go beyond interior work, they are deftly pushing the boundaries of residential, retail, workplace, and hospitality spaces and cleverly reimagining the spaces we inhabit.

Reader’s House, Madrid (Roland Halbe, Ensamble Studio).

Ensamble Studio 
Boston, Madrid

With a distinct focus on the process of making, Ensamble Studio leverages material technologies to produce dramatic spaces and forms.

Amazebowls, Los Angeles (64 North).

Los Angeles

Multidisciplinary studio 64North provides branding, interiors, website, and product design services.

Young at Art Museum, Davie, Florida (Architecture Is Fun)

Architecture is Fun

As the name implies, Architecture Is Fun produces playful designs, frequently working with children’s museums; it won AIA Chicago’s 2017 Firm of the Year award.

Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago (Urban Lab).

Chicago, Los Angeles

UrbanLab’s highly graphic design sensibility brings together smart solutions and visual identity in projects ranging from small storefronts to urban infrastructures.

Little Octopus, Nashville (Design, Bitches).

Design, Bitches
Chicago, Los Angeles

The irreverent work of Design, Bitches employs layers of color, light, and material to build engaging interior spaces across Southern California.

LADG principals Claus Benjamin Freyinger and Andrew Holder (LADG).

Los Angeles

LADG produces uncanny forms and clever spaces by leveraging common construction materials.

Loft, New York (Toshiko Mori)

Toshiko Mori Architect
New York

The minimal interiors of Toshiko Mori belie their complexity, framing dramatic landscapes and challenging notions of craft.

Gerken Residence, New York (Young Projects).

Young Projects
New York

The formally expressive interiors and objects by Bryan Young utilize smooth geometries and refined materials.

Bleecker Street Office, New York (tacklebox architecture)

tacklebox architecture
New York

Tacklebox’s interiors are filled with “ordinary” materials deployed in unexpected ways, recontextualizing the quotidian.

Five to One Apartment, New York (Michael K Chen Architecture).

Michael K Chen Architecture
New York

MKCA’s puzzle-like built-ins make the most of tiny living spaces.

Daniels Building, Toronto (NADAAA).

New York, Boston

NADAAA’s work engages with high-tech material investigations and form finding.

Spectacle Design Miami (LOT).

New York, Athens

The influence of LOT’s Greek office is clear in its mellow, refined interiors and the firm’s furniture line, Objects of Common Interest.

Store, No 2, New York (Michael Vahrenwald/Esto).

MOS Architects
New York

The highly intellectual work of MOS plays on contemporary and historical architectural philosophies.

Norman Kelley principals Carrie Norman and Thomas Kelley (Norman Kelley).

Norman Kelley
Chicago, New York

A self-described superficial practice, Carrie Norman and Thomas Kelley explore the concepts of play, illusion, and flatness, all within an often tongue-in-cheek understanding of historical precedent.

Odin, New York (Snarkitecture).

New York

It should be no surprise that a firm named Snarkitecture produces works that are often outlandish—tempered by clean, white color palettes.

Red Bull New York Office (INABA Williams)

INABA Williams
New York

Part think tank and part design firm, every INABA Williams project is rooted in an in-depth research process.

Cafe 501, Oklahoma City (Elliot + Associates).

Elliott + Associates Architects
Oklahoma City

Rand Elliott has been focusing the country’s attention on Oklahoman design for the past 40 years.

Kips Bay Show House, New York (SPAN).

SPAN Architecture 
New York

SPAN creates high-finish spaces full of carefully chosen materials and details.

Bibo Ergo Sum, Los Angeles (Home Studios).

Home Studios 
New York

Home Studios produces polished, finely detailed commercial and hospitality interiors filled with fine wood, stone, and metal detailing.

ESPASSO Gallery, New York (Architecture in Formation).

Architecture in Formation
New York

AiF brings together eclectic styles for a wide range of projects, from large hospitality to urban lofts.

An Office for Three Companies, New York (Midori Hasuike/Only If-).

Only If—
New York

Only If— fuses smart geometries with clever materials for striking interiors.

Partners Ezequiel Farca and Cristina Grappin of Ezequiel Farca (Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin)

Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin
Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan

Ezequiel Farca and Cristina Grappin draw from their collaborations with Mexican artisans and use local materials to create contextual works for high-end clients.

Frankie, Los Angeles (Bureau Spectacular).

Bureau Spectacular
Los Angeles

The comic book sensibility of Bureau Spectacular delves beyond the superficial with spaces that encourage the occupants to live a less ordinary life.

Principal Barbara Bestor (Barbara Bestor Architecture)

Barbara Bestor
Los Angeles

Between her many residential and commercial projects across L.A. and her book, Bohemian Modern: Living in Silver Lake, Barbara Bestor is an influential force on Southern Californian design.

Downtown Bar, Milwaukee (Johnsen Schmaling Architects)

Johnsen Schmaling Architects

Johnsen Schmaling translates the beauty of the rural upper Midwest into site-specific residential projects.

Founder Morris Adjmi (Lisa Mahar/Morris Adjmi Architects)

Morris Adjmi Architects
New York

Carefully proportioned spaces and forms—and a sensitivity to history— define Morris Adjmi’s elegant work.

Alan Voo House, Los Angeles (Neil M. Denari Architects)

Neil M. Denari Architects
Los Angeles

Teaching at UCLA in addition to running his practice, Neil Denari is a perennial thought leader in the space where technology and architectural form meet.

Weiden+Kennedy, New York (Bruce Damonte/Work AC).

New York

With clever twists on typical programs, WORKac’s interiors are unexpected and playful.

Memphis Teacher Residency, Memphis (Archimania).


The progressive Memphis-based firm is taking a leading role in redefining what architecture can be in the Southeast through its numerous projects and help in redeveloping its city’s waterfront.

Lindemann Residence, Miami (Shulman+Associates).

Shulman + Associates

Shulman + Associates draw on the history, materials, and culture of South Florida to formulate vibrant, innovative commercial and residential interiors.

Intuit Marine Way Building, San Francisco (Clive Wilkinson Architects).

Clive Wilkinson Architects
Los Angeles

Focusing on workplace and educational facilities, Clive Wilkinson has helped define the aesthetics of contemporary creative professional and learning spaces.

Manor House Pool (Rafael De Cardenas).

Rafael de Cárdenas Architecture at Large
New York

Native New Yorker Rafael de Cárdenas incorporates ’80s and ’90s glamour and pop culture into his high-profile endeavors.

The Water Cooler, Milan (Lorenza Mercuri/Studio O+A).

Studio O+A
San Francisco

The workspaces designed by Studio O+A express its clients’ stories and personalities, pushing the envelope of the modern office.

Bed-Stuy Loft, New York (Michael Vahrenwald/Esto).

New Affiliates
New York

New Affiliates works in “loose forms and rough materials” to create elegant spaces.

The Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee (Biber Architects).

Biber Architects
New York

James Biber approaches every project with a fresh vision, letting design and function guide the form.

Media Headquarters, New York (Olson Kundig).

Olson Kundig

With a dedicated interiors studio, Olson Kundig has redefined the Pacific Northwest architectural typology.

Houndstooth Coffee, Dallas (Robert Yu/OFFICIAL)


OFFICIAL designs bright interiors with pops of color and custom furnishings. The two-person studio also has its own furniture line.

Windhover Contemplative Center, Stanford (Aidlin Darling Design).

Aidlin Darling Design
San Francisco

Materials are at the forefront of and celebrated in each project by Aidlin Darling Design.

Past Futures, Present, Futures, New York (Leong Leong).

Leong Leong 
New York

Brothers Christopher and Dominic Leong use broad, decisive formal moves to organize space into crisp, refined interiors.

Bell Works, New Jersey (Michael Moran/Alexander Gorlin Architects)

Alexander Gorlin Architects
New York

For the past two decades, even when minimalism reigned, Alexander Gorlin has been layering colors and patterns with great success.

Pam & Paul’s House, Cupertino (Darren Bradley/Craig Steely).

Craig Steely Architecture
San Francisco

Craig Steely celebrates the tropical locales of his projects with interiors that reflect and embrace the native flora.

Design District Event Space, Miami (Aranda\Lasch)

New York, Tuscon

Truly experimental, Aranda\Lasch explores pattern and fabrications as easily as space and form.

One Hudson Yards Lobby, New York (Andre Kikoski Architect).

Andre Kikoski Architect
New York

Known for creating everything from architectural interiors to furniture and finishes, Andre Kikoski consistently delivers refined designs.

Mini Living, Milan (SO-IL).

New York

Airy and ethereal, yet highly programmatic, the formal and material exercises by SO-IL are unmistakable.

Dior London (Peter Marino Architect).

Peter Marino Architect
New York

Leather-clad Peter Marino is the go-to for sumptuous interiors in high-end retail and hospitality around the world.

Miami Residence, Miami (Slade Architecture).

Slade Architecture 
New York

Slade’s lighthearted approach brings together form, color, pattern, and material.

Patrick Parrish Gallery – The Salon Art + Design, New York (Charlap Hyman & Herrero)

Charlap Hyman & Herrero 
Los Angeles, New York

Bold interior forms with a refined material palette typify the work of RISD graduates Andre Herrero and Adam Charlap Hyman.

Hudson Passive Project, Hudson (BarlisWedlick Architects).

BarlisWedlick Architects
New York

BarlisWedlick produces super-efficient, passive projects without neglecting aesthetics.

Chilmark House, Martha’s Vineyard (Schiller Projects).

Schiller Projects
New York

Schiller Projects works through analytic research to design everything from architecture to branding.

Principal Suchi Reddy (Reddymade Design).

Reddymade Design
New York

Reddymade’s interiors are influenced by founder Suchi Reddy’s Indian upbringing, with lush colors, patterns, and rich materials.